About Shabby Paints ZERO VOC

Our Products are Completely Non-Toxic, and VOC-Free, Making Them 100 % Safe

You’ve heard the claims everywhere you go. Businesses are going “green.” Our favorite products are turning up with sales-inducing seals of approval and new “environmentally safe” labels. Companies that manufacture household products, and paints in particular, are making claims about low-VOC’s, or no-VOC’s. We may not be exactly sure what it all means, but we do know that changes are being made in order for us to improve our environment, and breathe the healthiest air possible. Right?
Over the years we’ve made incredible progress by eradicating contaminates like lead paint and asbestos from most homes and businesses. But according to studies confirmed by the EPA, “our indoor air is still more polluted than outdoor air.” In fact the EPA reports that, because of off-gassing, which is “evaporation of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) under normal atmospheric pressure,” our “indoor air can actually be as much as 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.” So how do we know if we’re safe in our own homes? Unfortunately, we can’t always detect these pollutants, but we do know that 80% of all off-gassing is caused by simple household paint. That’s a staggering statistic, but it’s also fixable.
By simply eliminating VOC’s from the paints we use, we significantly reduce the number of contaminates evaporating into the air. Typical latex paints contain 250-300 grams of damaging VOC’s per liter (250-300 g/L) of paint. According to “green” building standards, a paint must contain 50g/L or less to be labeled a low-VOC paint and 5g/L or less to be considered a no-VOC paint. That means a gallon of paint can contain up to 19 grams (over 1/4 c.) of harmful VOC’s and still be labeled “no-VOC.” It also means that all the expensive “low-VOC chalk paints” on the market, actually contain about ½ a cup of volatile organic chemicals in every quart they sell. At Shabby Paints we believe no-VOC’s should mean ZERO.
So we created a standard above the “Green” Building Standard, and are proud to say that all our products are completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic andALWAYS 100% VOC-Free. It’s that simple!
For more information about indoor air go to: http://www.natureneutral.com/learnIndoor.php