Hello. Lori from Thee Velvet Glove again. I decided to try my hand at some smaller pieces. I’m still painting furniture, but it’s certainly nice to do something on a smaller scale once in a while. Big pieces can be tough on a girl. I jumped on the arrow bandwagon and starting painting these. I had a ball with all the Shabby Paints colors I have. I love using a variety of colors and I think I’ve almost worked my way through Shabby’s entire color palette.  Sealed with Vax and ReVax. Thank you for stopping by.

3 Arrows1

3 arrows cb

Dixie Arrow arrow4 Arrow

arrow striped arrow7 purple floral arrow2 yellow

Follow your Bliss fyb arrow2  arrow floral Texas Rose2 LSJ

Gallery Wall

I love this gallery wall by my friend, Lori. Didn’t she do a fabulous job putting it all together?