Cheap Farmhouse Backsplash Makeover

Using paint and leftover flooring.

Looking for a creative, inexpensive way to update your kitchen backsplash? Got leftover vinyl plank flooring? Create a farmhouse inspired backsplash with a little paint and leftover flooring.

Backsplash on a budget free

If you have ever laid a vinyl plank floor and saved the left-over pieces this might be for you. I have 4 boxes of left-over flooring taking up space and every time I have to move them to get to something else, I swear I’m going to throw them away but never do. Glad I didn’t!

Backslplash on a budget

This vinyl flooring is the type with a faux wood grain texture, so it is perfect to give the look of wood. It is thin, flexible and easily cuts by scoring it with a utility knife.

What you will need:


Remove all plug/switch covers and prep the area.  Measure your first piece and mark any outlets that need to be cut out. Use a utility knife to score and cut your vinyl pieces. Apply using your nail gun. Continue until your entire backsplash is done.



Paint with one coat of White Ice, let dry.


Wet Sand

Spray sections with water and sand while wet to show the grain texture. (don’t spray water near outlets). You can wet your sanding sponge first and tape over the outlets.

Wet sanding is a great way to distress a strong paint. Some paints come off easier than others and spraying with water helps to weaken the paints adhesion long enough to help remove enough to show the faux grain.  It also helps cut down on dust.


Safely extend your outlets to fit flush with your new backsplash..  If you aren’t comfortable with this ask for help.

Set back and enjoy your inexpensive backsplash!

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Leftover flooring Backsplash