While I love the bold orange hues of fall, I’m never happy with doing the same thing year after year.  While pulling pumpkins out of the attic, I decided all my dated fall decor needed an update and I found inspiration right under my TV.

These Balayage inspired pumpkins are cheap plastic and foam ones from Goodwill, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Walmart. Such an easy family project.

  1. Clean your pumpkin.

  2. Paint the top half and the bottom half with your favorite colors

  3. Blend where the colors meet or blend in a third color.

  4. Once dry age with Black, White, Hazelnut or Driftwood reVAX Complete. (See Video Below)

  5. Enjoy!

Aging a  chalk painted pumpkin:

Here is an easy way to make your pumpkin look aged and enhance the details…no boring pumpkins here!

Now my grandson had a different idea for his special pumpkin, he wanted his to look like The Incredible Hulk.  And what he wants he gets 🙂

balayage painted pumpkin 4 colors