boho inspired makeover

Drunken Grandfather Clock – Wine Rack 

I promised everyone more how-to’s and so far I’m on track. Here is another fun how-to video!

I’m really enjoying having Snow White shiplap walls in My guest/war room. It makes bold colorful projects even more fun. This room is the perfect place for a Boho inspired wine rack.

This drunken Grandfather clock was in my husband’s man cave for years and it never got dusted. So his punishment was he had to hand it over to me. It’s a fun piece but the finish was boring. Watch me update him from man cave cute to Boho inspired WOW!

Transformed using Shabby Paints Custom mix Teal Lagoon, Bold Berry, Indigo Sky Matte VAX and Black reVAX.

Teal lagoon 50/50 mix of Armour and Vogue, the perfect deep teal blue-green.

How-to video is below

Boho Color Card Clock wine rack
Boho Clock Farmhouse Shiplap
Boho Drunk Grandfather clock
Side Boho Grandfather Clock
Close Boho Wine Rack

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