I had an opportunity to play late last night and needed to just be creative. Sometimes you just need to play and do your own thing..you never know what mistake or experiment will work out if you don’t try.

Old sign UpcycleOld sign Upcycle

I never miss an opportunity to recycle an old sign made of wood. With that you have to appreciate the history it once had. This sign was made for a Judge in Clarksville, TN. So instead of  touching that I flipped it over and used it as a testing board for some paint colors. After that it was time to get my creative on! I usually go into something with an idea in my head..it gets me started but never turns out like I had pictured. I wanted an aged wood look and got it but not your typical aged look.

I started by painting one coat of Buffalo brown..let dry for 15 min. Then I painted 12 x 12 sections with Vanilla bear mixed with some Buffalo Brown and drug a rubber faux graining comb through the wet paint, then moved to the next section. Next layer I used black ReVAX (our wax/varnish mixture) in random areas rubbing it in randomly with a paper towel and or dragging the graining comb through sections as well. Then I took a little of the lighter brown (vanilla bear buffalo brown mix) and dry brushed in random areas then used a paper towel to pull it across the paint.

Faux aged wood look Faux aged wood look

After getting the fat dog to move over I realized I liked the look..named it calico for obvious reasons 🙂 and added a $4.00 chandelier sticker from big lots.   Faux aged wood look

That’s all folks…Paint Safe

Faux aged wood look