Plastic urn painted with Shabby Paints to look like concreteCheap Plastic Urn gets Face-lift

Here is an easy inexpensive way to transform cheap planters with Shabby Paints.

Just because you don’t have a big planter budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring plastic containers.  This was very simple and can be done to just about anything.

Clean well first, these things are usually made with toxic yuck and without a good vinegar/water wash and rinse might try and repel your paint.

Next paint with two coats of our Garfield Grey Chalk-Acrylic Paint.

Once dry use a damp VAX applicator sponge Vax Applicator Sponge
to sparingly apply Lillian Gray in small sections, wiping away with a damp lint free rag. This gives you the white chalky effect that concrete has.  Finally protect it with Sheer VAX or White ReVAX. (Yes our topcoats are safe for outdoors)  Enjoy!

Plastic urn painted to look like concrete

Paint Safe!

All our products are safe for your family and the environment. Non Toxic and Zero VOC!