Repurposed Coffee Stand and K-Cup Storage

DIY Coffee stand


So as I get older and wiser, I drink more and more coffee.  With that comes a lot of counter clutter and a serious collection of single serve coffee (k-cups). I’m sure I’m not alone with the mess of different brands and other goodies we need to make that perfect cup of Joe.  I finally had a light bulb moment; a way to clean up the mess, save space and put my grandmothers old sewing drawers to good use.

What I did:

Paint: After cleaning, I painted the old drawers with Shabby Paints in White Ice and distressed with a wet sanding block.  Foam Sanding Block

This brought the beautiful details to life.

Find a top: I used a piece of wood from a broken table.  Just about anything will work. I might even change it out to barn wood when I have some left over from another project. Plywood, scrap wood of any kind should do the trick.Repurposed Sewing Drawers. Coffee Stand and storage

Cut to size: Any excuse to get out my power tools.


Prep for stain: If it has an existing finish on it and you want to stain to enhance the wood grain, sand the old finish off.  For a more finished look, I used my sander to round the edges.





Repurposed Sewing Drawers. Coffee Stand and storage

Stain: I applied one coat of our Dark Roast Gelato Gel Stain with a damp Shabby Applicator SAS Shabby Applicator SpongeSponge.



Repurposed Sewing Drawers. Coffee Stand and storage

Attach: Before attaching the top with screws, drill pilot holes to prevent splitting the wood.

Now you have the perfect coffee maker stand and built in storage for your K-cups and other coffee supplies.


Repurposed Sewing Drawers K-Cup Storage




Note:Sorry for the cellphone pics, my daughter has taken my camera as a back up for a wedding session 🙂 Check her out incredible work out here

Repurposed Sewing Drawers

Old sewing drawers make a great place to store Single Serve coffee pods.

Old TV cabinet converted into Coffee/Wine Bar.