DIY Plank Backsplash

DIY Plank Backsplash

Broke girls can have a cute backsplash too! 🙂

I had a middle of the night, can’t sleep idea and surprisingly it turned out nicer than I had dreamed!

DIY Plank Backsplash

Grab your tool bag Shabby ladies this was so easy I’m looking at doing my kitchen backsplash and maybe an entire accent wall.

If you want a cheap but stylish accent wall or backsplash this is what you will need:

One night no sleep  🙂

Nail gun or an electric staple gun that uses brad nails


Economy Plank Paneling cut into sizes that will fit your space (lowes has them for under $10.00 a package, that covers over 9 sq. ft.)

Shabby Paints in colors that make you smile (Chalk-Acrylic or reVAX for a stained or washed wood look)

VAX, and/or reVAX.

After I cut the planks I lightly sanded the ends. *Be careful these things are cheap for a reason, the v-groove is easily broken and some are warped.

I used a wet Applicator Sponge to apply the paint thinly like a wash or a stain.

VAX applicator sponge

diy plank backsplash Alamo Whitediy plank backsplash Peacockdiy plank backsplash Garfield Grey

For my project I used Alamo White, Peppy Peacock and Garfield Grey, letting some of the grain show. After that dried I applied White reVAX the same way.

DIY Plank Backsplash

They are really easy to install, the V groove (tongue and groove) makes it like a simple puzzle  you just slide one into the other by starting at the bottom and building up. You can use glue and or a nail gun.  I used my electric staple gun brad nailer option.  I had it all up in 30 min. After it was all up I did one more go over with a coat of Sheer VAX to protect from water.  All done!!!

I think it made a huge difference for under $20.00 and made a great frame to my mirror.  (Snow White black reVAX)

DIY Plank Backsplash Easy plank wall Backsplash

DIY Plank Backsplash

DIY Plank Backsplash