Dress Form Christmas Tree 2015

Sheet Music & Vintage Skates

Well it is that time of year again!  Fall is in the air and that means time to start Christmas projects for myself and to sell in my booth.

I’ve been dreaming of how I would style this Dress form for Christmas since I decoupaged her back in February. You can see the how to decoupage using VAX  here!

My inspiration this year was the short poofy skirt.poofy skirt  I knew I needed stiff garland to hold the skirt shape, but DSC_0014that stuff is expensive and I needed a lot so I went to Goodwill and lucked up.  I found 3 large bags of really nice garland.  I spent less than $30.00 and have enough left to deck my halls too.

To start I cut enough garland with wire cutters to wrap around the small of her waist twice. Tying it tight above her hips to prevent it DSC_0002from being pulled down by the weight of the other strands of garland.   This is your support to tie everything else too.Dress form Christmas Tree How to

Since I knew I wanted a short skirt for her but needed to give it some poof at the bottom I cut several strands the same length from her waist to the ground so that I could fold in half and tie back in at her waist to make it fuller.  The more strands you add the better she will look.  Be sure to shape your garland to fit the look you want.  Then to make her look complete and fill in her skirt I wrapped her with glittered garland from Big Lots.  I went around her instead of vertically for the perfect poofy skirt, and the added glitter was a bonus. 🙂

Dress form Christmas Tree How to

To finish her in true Diva Dress Form Style I added white lights, angel wings, ice skate ornaments and some homemade ornaments made with sheet music painted with Glitz & Glam Shimmer Glaze and Vibrant Gold Shimmer Glaze. Yes you can paint paper with our shimmers too.

Oh and don’t forget the Vintage Ice Skates painted with Irish Cream, the new Metallic Gold reVax, then Glitz and Glam Shimmer for Glitter and sparkle.Painted vintage Ice skates


Hope I can do another one this year!! So fun!

For more inspiration on making Dress form Christmas trees check out my past Divas here: