2015 Dress Form Christmas Tree is done! Check out the how to here!

Dress Form Diva Christmas Tree


Lighted Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Update one year later (scroll down to see last years Dress Form Christmas Tree)

The Dress Form I used for last year’s tree was taken, luckily I still had her chicken wire skirt in storage! Making lemonade out of lemons.

With a little adjustment Annie is rocking the Christmas skirt and her new homemade Burlap top.  She deserved to be put on a pedestal but settled for an old Chicken crate 🙂

Christmas Tree Dress FormChristmas Tree Dress Form

Chicken Crate Love!

 Christmas Tree Dress Form

I added some bling using strip LED lights stuck to the underside.


Easily change colors using the remote.

Chicken Crate Coffee Table Chicken Crate Coffee Table Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Love those things, Just remove the paper strip and stick!


Great mood lights 😉 Added bun feet painted with Emily Ann. Still think it could use more ornaments!


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you find your inner Dress Form Diva!

2013 Christmas Tree Dress Form

Bling Dress Form Christmas Tree

Dress Form Christmas Tree

The other night I was at Route 41 Antique mall where my booth is and I ran across another dress form. Even though it didn’t have a tall stand like I would have liked, I still had to have it. I think I have 9 now. I don’t know why I have to have them..maybe I’m just jealous of how tiny their waist are. 🙂

Dress Form Before Christmas

I bought a broken table months ago with the intentions of fixing it, but the base was perfect for her. I drilled out a hole in the center and  used a curtain rod to make her a bit taller.

Dress Form Before Christmas

Next I made her a skirt with chicken wire. I chose to mimic a dress my daughter had wore at her baby shower that was short in the front and long in the back. She looked so pretty all dolled up with her wedge shoes on..made my feet hurt just looking at her 🙂

If your dress form doesn’t have a stand or it is ugly and paint won’t help, make a full length pencil skirt or full ball gown look when you are playing with the chicken wire.  Wear gloves and have fun with it, this is your tree and she should reflect your style. If you don’t have chicken wire already, I highly recommend getting the cheap very flexible kind.  Mine was hard to work with but it was already laying around.

Baby Shower Kayla

Once I bandaged up all my cuts, I painted the legs and the curtain rod with White Ice Chalk-Acrylic Paint and started adding pink LED lights to the chicken wire.

Shabby Dress form Christmas Tree

I rapped and tucked cheap garland covering all the chicken wire but being mindful of letting the lights show.


Next was the fun part ….getting her all dolled up with pink ornaments and lots of glitter.  If I have time I plan on doing another one with burlap. There are so many fun ways this could be done. If you make one..please share.


 Bling Dress Form Christmas Tree DSC_0163 Shabby Dress form Christmas Tree Shabby Dress form Christmas Tree Shabby Dress form Christmas Tree