Dress Form Decoupage

This was super simple and super fun. I won’t say that it was super-fast, but totally worth it!

I have a bit of a Dress Form obsession and this gal needed a face-lift..or rather a body-lift.

I used VAX to apply old sheet music.  It really helps to prep the fabric by soaking it with watered down VAX first, and then brush a generous amount of VAX on both sides of the paper.  Gently smooth into place..I use a brush and my fingers.  It is a bit like working a puzzle and it is time consuming, but  I found it to be very therapeutic.

After she was completely covered and dried I mixed a few drops of Hazelnut reVAX to VAX then brushed all over to seal her.  The touch of hazelnut reVAX worked great for aging the pages.  

Idea!!! Stencil a shabby design on her. Follow us on Facebook to see whats next.

Now go make something beautiful!

I think I have it down to a science now.  Next one will be even better and I’ll use vintage sewing patterns.