Duncan Phyfe Damaged Veneer


If you are like me you see a beautiful table from afar and by the time you get to it you see reality, damaged veneer, usually from water and years of neglect.  One of the great things about ReLoving something from the past, is working with imperfections or as I like to call it character and who doesn’t love a good character 🙂

Removing damaged VeneerRemoving damaged Veneer

This vintage Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table  worked out perfectly with very little effort. I’m sure they won’t all be this easy but I do know you can do anything with the right tools.

I scraped the veneer off with a sharp putty knife and a razor blade then sanded any huge places but the board under it had it’s own “character” I wiped down with vinegar and water to clean and kill any mold.   I personally was happy with it like that. I wanted it to look like leather and leather doesn’t have to be smooth. So here you could add wood putty and sand to a smooth surface or even replace with a piece of veneer from  your local hardware store. Easy enough.

Removing damaged VeneerDSC_0017


Next I painted the legs and sides with Worn White and then the top with Buffalo Brown.



I wanted to add some old world love to Mr. Duncan so I used our Raised Effect Texture (coming soon) tinted with some Worn white Chalked Paint. Went through my stack of stencils and this one just said vintage Phyfe 🙂 Love my Wallmasque Stencils. Since the Texture is thick and chunky it doesn’t bleed, making it easy to use my fingers to rub the texture/paint mixture on. You can also use a putty knife or a popsicle stick…I love using my fingers.



Raised Stencil using Texture

Raised Stencil using Texture

Then I used a sponge to apply a coat of Old Gold Shimmer Glaze over the Buffalo Brown and the raised stencil.  I only VAXed the parts painted with Worn White since the top has a piece of glass to protect it. I used my trusty dremel to distress .


If I was keeping it I would have added some of my grandfathers sheet music and some vintage family photos but since it is going to be for sale I have a huge collection of sheet music and vintage photos that were abandoned in an old storage locker. 🙂 So the next time you see that beautiful table from across the room and get close enough to see the damage..don’t walk away, work with the imperfections (character) you have.

Vintage Duncan Phyfe ReLoved

Vintage Duncan Phyfe ReLoved

Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table