Farmhouse Inspired Ceiling Makeover

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Farmhouse Inspired – Ceiling Makeover

Got an ugly textured ceiling?  Need an easy and budget-friendly way to update?

Here is an inexpensive way to update a textured or popcorn ceiling without breaking the bank.


Nail Gun, Chop Saw, Table saw (or circular saw), Safety Goggles, Billed Hat, Mask, 4 ft. Level, Pencil, Stud Finder, Floor Scraper or Putty Knife.

Learn from my mistakes. Wear eye protection and a billed hat at all times. I got a piece of the ceiling embedded in my eye and it took a long time to get it out. OUCH!


Underlayment Board cut into strips by Home Depot, 2” nails and your Favorite Shabby Paints Color.

I had Home Depot cut 4×8 sheets of Tri Ply Underlayment (around $11.00 a sheet) into 6 equal size planks this should give you around 8” x 8’ planks.


Under $100.00 for a 12×12 room.


Since I was doing the ceiling solo, I used a chop saw to cut all my boards in 4-foot pieces so they would be more manageable.


* Warning check for asbestos!

  • Start by scraping any large texture pieces or chunks with a putty knife or my favorite a floor scraper. Knock anything off that would prevent a flat install.
  • Mark your rafters. A good stud finder is key. Use your Level and pencil to mark across the entire room.


Start in the corner being sure to get nails into your rafters. Keep the pattern random like you would a planked floor.


I used a roller to apply one coat of Shabby Paints Tiffany then used a Shabby Applicator Sponge to do a White Wash with diluted Snow White.


I recommend measuring and verifying that you will not end up having to cut the last board less than ½ of the boards width. If it measures out that you would, I would rip the first board to make it end right.

Tip 2

A jigsaw is great for cutting around light fixtures.

Budget-friendly Shiplap coming soon! Be sure to subscribe!

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Shabby Shannon Bernestine, Owner and Paint Slinger

[email protected]

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