Bold Berry and Pink Salt Farmhouse Nursery

Hot pink meets soft pink for the cutest farmhouse nursery ever.

Part 1 of 3

Farmhouse Nursery

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Updated Changing Table.

Let’s start with the adorable Farmhouse Nursery changing table. This cutie was painted Bold Berry a few years ago for my guest room. Now, this room is going to be a part-time nursery for my new grandbaby Nora. I was in the process of looking for rose transfers to add some character when IOD came out with this adorable tea rose paint inlays. These are like nothing I’ve ever seen. First, watch their how-to video before attempting. I did not follow their instructions because I am a

So with paint inlays, you activate their paint using wet paint, but since my dresser was already painted and sealed I decided to try activating with our Sheer Armor top-coat in Satin (formally known as VAX). It worked perfectly!

My Process

1. Plan and cut your inlay sheets so they are ready for application.

Farmhouse Nursery

2. Apply a thick coat of Armor in a small section with a damp brush.

3. Apply inlay sheet paint side down, smooth out, and use a brayer or your hand to make sure it is smooth and pressed down everywhere.

4. Use a damp Applicator Sponge to dampen the entire back of the inlay sheet.

5. Let Dry completely. Good luck if it’s humid…I cheated and used a hairdryer a few times. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

6. Mist all of the paper and edges with water and wait 30 seconds. Carefully remove it and lay it flat to dry so you can reuse it on another project.

7. Let Dry completely.

8. Mix water and Sheer Armor in a misting bottle (I did about a 60/40 Armor/Water mixture). Shake well, and lightly mist the paint inlay…let dry.  This will set the paint.

9. Once your inlay is set you can brush a coat of Sheer Armor over the entire surface to finish.

I know there are a lot of steps, but the final result is beautiful. It has an authentic vintage texture to it, which reminds me of a 1920s wallpaper.

Farmhouse Nursery

Farmhouse Nursery
Farmhouse Nursery