Spraying Spindles with Chalk Paint

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Farmhouse Nursery Makeover 3 Part Series

  1. Changing Table – IOD Paint Inlay
  2. Spraying a Vintage Crib
  3. Decoupage Lamp Shade Makeover…Coming Soon

To the Shed! Found my grandson’s vintage Jenny Lind baby bed and all the hardware!! Winning. We modified this bed years ago because of safety concerns.  No need for the rails to slide up and down.


As always start with a clean finish.  I used a sanding block, a drop of dawn, vinegar, and water to make sure there was no chance of any dirt left behind. See more here for prep and a basic painting how-to. Furniture Painting 101

Color & Application Choice

Bold Berry of course to match the changing table. Why did I choose to spray? Spindles!!! If you paint you know!  I Picked up a Wagner “double Duty Control Spray” paint sprayer and took advantage of some 70-degree weather. (use the viscosity cup and included instructions to get the right water – paint ratio) After trying to spray laying flat I realized having each piece at an angle worked best for getting in between slats.

Chalk Paint Sprayed Baby Crib

Mask up! Even though our paint is VOC free paint or anything other than air is safe in the lungs.

Painted the first coat on the first side and by the time I was done with that everything was dry enough to flip over and repeat. Then flipped over for the second coat and was done in no time. Thanks, Sunshine!!

After cleaning the machine of Bold Berry it was time to mix our Sheer Armor in Satin (use the viscosity cup and included instructions to get the right water – Armor ratio). Sprayed 2 coats on and wondered why I don’t do this all the time. The finish looks factory done without all the toxins.

Tips & Tricks

Spraying a Vintage Crib


  • I always use a large piece of cardboard to practice before spraying anything. Use it to dial in the settings.
  • Keep it moving. Use a side-to-side or up-and-down motion with your sprayer and don’t stop too long in one spot. Don’t turn your wrist keep it in a straight line.

These instructions are for the Wagner double duty, check your included instructions to dial in your spray gun.

Paint/Armor Flow Control

Adjust the amount of Paint/Armor that comes out.

Spraying a vintage crib

• Turn the knob (counterclockwise) for less flow. Low flow is needed for spraying smaller surface areas.
• Turn the knob in (clockwise) for more flow.  High flow is needed for spraying large surface areas.

Pattern Settings

Adjust your pattern by turning the air cap “ears”.

The air cap position will determine the movement direction of the spray gun.
1. Round pattern: Diagnal setting
Use up-and-down, or side-to-side spraying motion,
depending on the project being sprayed.
2. Vertical pattern:
Use side-to-side during spraying.
3. Horizontal pattern:
Use up and down during spraying.

The hardest part of spraying furniture is having a place to spray, good weather, and cleanup. Totally worth it.

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Spraying a Vintage Crib

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Spraying a Vintage Crib


Spraying a Vintage Crib


Spraying a Vintage Crib