Faux Galvanized Tiered Tray

Styles: Rustic Metal, Industrial, Modern Metallic, Farmhouse.

DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray

Most of you already know how cheap I am, but when I have my eye on something I can’t just let it go.  I’ve always wanted one of these cute metal tiered trays, they are perfect for adding some industrial flair.  I just couldn’t pay $124.00 for one.

This was my inspiration piece: $124.00 from Wild Orchard metal-storage-organizer-3-tier-14

DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray

I found this for $20.00 at Harbor Freight (same one is $45.00+ everywhere else) Sadly it comes in tons of pieces but luckily I bought an extra one for the hubby in exchange he put mine together 🙂

(Note: I highly recommend cleaning it before putting it together.  I used a mixture of vinegar and water, be sure to get all the parts even the oily screws, then rinse with water.)

Blessed to have had a beautiful warm day this week so I could get outside and spray this rather than using a brush.  I was so excited to finish I actually sprayed in the dark.  (For more info on spraying Shabby Paints Click Here)Spraying Chalk Paint in the dark

Sprayed with Lillian Gray Chalk-Acrylic  (70/30 Paint/Water mixture)DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray

Next painted with Stunning Silver Shimmer (50/50 water/Stunning Silver Shimmer)DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray

Lastly I dabbed & blotted Smoked Pearl Shimmer with a small round brush and a paper towel ( 50/50 water/Smoked Pearl Shimmer) Check out the below video to see how.

How to dab and blot video-

The perfect industrial element!

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DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray DIY galvanized metal finish Tiered tray

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