French Provincial Bedroom Set

Finished with Bronze Metallic reVAX

This French Provincial bedroom set deserves a little write up even if I can’t give it the time and attention it deserves.  Growing up I had friends that had beautiful bedroom furniture just like this, but it was never in our budget.  So when I came across this set in a local thrift shop, it was my turn, even if I was buying it to turn around and sell. 🙂

Warning: One thing I learned during this process I’m allergic to whatever this was coated with. The tops had started to crack so I spot sanded the damaged areas and at some point got it on my wrist and forearm.  It embedded into my arms and gave me a lovely rash for almost two weeks. eeeek!  Felt like fiberglass under my skin.

With a sticker like this..I shouldn’t be surprised.French Provincial Metallic finish Chalk Paint

Do we really need our bedroom furniture to resist cigarette burns? 🙂

What I did-

Cleaning & Prepping: After sanding the loose chipping finish off, I used a wet sanding sponge and 50/50 water vinegar to clean it really really well.  I was concerned with it being such a slick surface and having been made with some questionable products that the paint wouldn’t adhere but it took to it perfectly!

French Provincial Metallic finishPainting: First I painted everything with 2 coats of Cali taupe  then 1 coat of So serene on the drawers, So SereneCali Taupeflower details, and center part of the head board. I then made a last minute decision that the top of the dresser and the end table needed to be different so I painted them with 1 coat of Buffalo brown.Buffalo Brown

Before applying my topcoat I wet sanded everything for a nice smooth glass like finish.

Wet Sanding:   Mist a small section with water and use a damp foam sanding block and lightly sand the misted section.  Wipe that section down with a slightly damp lint free cloth.

Want to learn more about Wet Sanding check out our how to and video.

This will give you a sleek glass like finish.  I then used a Cling On! brush to apply 2 coats of Bronze reVAX (metallic top coat) over everything but the So Serene parts.  Over the So Serene I applied just a little sparingly with a baby wipe.

That was it!! I love her!

French Provincial Metallic finish

French Provincial Metallic finish Chalk Paint

French Provincial Metallic finish Chalk Paint