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From Oak to Smoke!

Make a huge impact, in just a few steps by creating a Zinc finish on your next project!

I found this blah oak sofa table with brass railings at a local thrift store and I liked that it was long and narrow so I took a chance on it.  Then the 1980’s called and wanted their faux brass back!20160106_190527

Let’s get her done!

Clean & Prep:  Removed all the hardware and sanded off all the flaking brass paint.  Scrubbed all the dirt and oils off the table with Vinegar, drop of dawn and water, then rinsed with a wet rag.  (Painting 101)How to clean furniture for painting




Paint: First coat was Lillian Gray, applied with a brush.Zinc metallic finish before

Zinc metallic finish on furniture


Second coat I used a damp VAX Applicator sponge to thinly apply Licorice allowing some of the Lillian Gray to still show through.  (Layering Colors with a Sponge Video)VAX Applicator Sponge




Distress: After that dried I distressed using a misted sanding block, adjusting the pressure to expose Lillian Gray and wood.

Zinc Furniture FinishProtect: Finally I applied two coats of our new Metallic reVAX in Silver with a damp soft brush. I did the first coat with the grain and the second the opposite way for depth.


I did the same process to the brass rail then reinstalled it.  Living in a small house a cute table that can hug a wall is a winner!









Disclosure: When I start a project I rarely know what the end result will be.  I usually start with an idea but sometimes I get sidetracked with new inspiration midway through.  I love to experiment so if you get halfway through a project and see that it is calling for something different, go with it!  This is art and it is up to you to create metallic revax cut cardsomething that you love!  99% of the time my end result turns out great.  Luckily at Shabby Paints we don’t use any wax products so you can paint right over anything that you don’t love with out needing to sand.  No Stress…no one will ever know 🙂

How to create a zinc Finish

How to create a zinc Finish