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Shabby Paints is for those looking to put the highest quality paint and finishes on their custom pieces of furniture but most importantly those who care about their health, family’s health, and the environment.   If you know someone with chemical sensitivities, allergies, is pregnant, or concerned about long term health problems, I urge you to share this with them.

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What the heck is VAX & reVAX?

During my journey of painting and being sick I found that I hated the waxing process almost as much as I hated how sick it made me.  So I invented VAX. A Varnish product that finishes with the look of wax but doesn’t have to be buffed or reapplied. So put away that toxic can of wax and get ready to wipe on a quick drying finish that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment without the headache! reVAX is our tinted top coat: White, Hazelnut, Black & Pearl

Handmade with LOVE

Made from scratch


The last two years have flown by. I’ve been blessed to meet some wonderful men and women along the way, they have been such an inspiration and keep me excited about what’s next.  Reach out to your local Stylist, they’re excited to show you what Shabby Paints can do.

What is VAX?

An easy to apply permanent top coat

No need to buff or reappy.
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Hand Made With Love

Made from Scratch

Our paint is made from scratch using only American made, safe ingredients. Made in California surpassing the strictest safety guidelines in America.  We don’t import anything that goes in our paint!  We don’t trust other companies to make our paint base so we start from the first ingredient to the last.  We also don’t water down our products, if someone wants to thin out a product that should be the customer. For example our shimmers (metallics) work even better with 50% water added to them so all our products go further.

My Story

Why? I’m doing my part, to keep toxins out of your paint, the air you breathe, your home and away from your children!

I have always been “that” girl. The one who seemed to be allergic to everything. One day sitting in yet another Dr. office covered in a rash struggling to breathe, a doctor finally said something that made sense. “Everyone is allergic to these toxins. Your body is sending you signs before cancer or other serious health problems happen.” THAT was my “A-HA!” moment. I had to make a decision- I can stop doing what I love, or get out there and find something safe that will hold up to life.
With lots of prayer, blessings, and a few miracles, I met some wonderful friends who shared the same environmental and health concerns that I had. I put my faith in The Almighty and “jumped”. Shabby Paints was born…

Every Shabby Paints product is safe, non-toxic, ZERO V.O.C., and made/owned in the USA.

All American!

Supporting Small Town America

One small business at a time.

Shabby Paints Home Design is a true American made and owned business.  

One of the benefits of International Trade, and a free market economy, is choice. If market demand is high, goods from all over the world become easily available to us. More choice means competition and competition brings the highest quality products at the best prices. So it’s no surprise that many boutique paint companies originate overseas, and then come to the U.S. to vie for a share of the market. At Shabby Paints, we’re proud to offer a superior alternative.

All Shabby Paints’ products are developed, manufactured, and packaged in the U.S., which means a much smaller carbon footprint is left behind in order for you to get your products. In addition, U.S. production means sizable savings on shipping costs to our Retailers, which are then passed to our customers through lower pricing.

American Pride Shabby Style

Never Buff Again!

Shabby Paints uses the latest technology to marry non-toxic pure acrylic resins and natural pigments to give you the ultimate degree of durability & adhesion.

Family Friendly

Safe for YOUR Family

The Perfect Decorative Paint

Designed for those that finish furniture professionally

Online Support!

Need fast online support? Not a problem we have a great support group with lots of stylist and customers ready to help you make your next project a success.

We are a family, so keep it clean, non-toxic, and about Shabby Paints. Our Stylist volunteer their time to help, so let them know how much you appreciate them.

Eco Friendly

Safe for OUR planet

Shabby Paints Stylist

What is a Stylist?

Our retailers are more than just someone who sells Shabby Paints, they are passionate and knowledgeable business owners who care about your health, the environment and only the highest quality paints.   They are here to help you make decisions and inspire you to create your next work of art.

 If you aren’t lucky enough to live in driving distance of a Shabby Paints Stylist check out the Stylist map and whoever is closest can help.  We have lots of online Stylist with online stores too. Look for the shopping cart icon on our map.

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