Modern Farmhouse Accent Wall & Shelves

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MODERN FARMHOUSE ACCENT WALL & SHELVES USING SHABBY PAINTS AND IOD BARNWOOD STAMPS VIDEO BELOW Project under $100. Supplies IOD Barnwood Plank Stamp Paint- White Ice & Americano Chalk-Acrylic Paint Stain- Hazelnut reVAX Complete Brackets Amazon Brayer Amazon So, this boring little wall has had me thinking of shelves for years, but it wasn’t until my daughter borrowed my chalkboard for a photoshoot that I felt a sense of urgency to get it done. When we had to remodel the kitchen because of a busted water heater we added the peninsula and the game plan was to tile this wall, but money and time dictate what projects actually happen and when. I’ve recently discovered these IOD stamps and love them. I had expected something totally different; the feel and quality are high-end and there is no reason they shouldn’t last you a lifetime. FAUX BARNWOOD WALL 1st Paint your base coat (wall). Mine was recently painted with Shabby Paints in White Ice so first step was already done. 2nd Tape off your area. 3rd Pick your stamp color. I used Americano. 4th Roll paint on your stamp. Apply to the wall with pressure. The first few stamps I didn't apply enough paint, so it was very light. No worries just let dry and go back over it. It also looks better o overlap each piece end to end. Tip: I had an issue with visually keeping them straight because I couldn’t stand on the countertop, so using a level and some chalk marks will help. 5th Continue stamping each row keeping the pattern random. 6th now you can use the end nail stamps and knots to create an authentic barnwood finish. 7th Step back and admire your work and plan your shelves out. DIY FARMHOUSE STYLE SHELVES 1st Mark your studs. It's important for your shelves to be in studs or use quality drywall anchors. 2nd Mount your bracket hardware, using a level to make sure they are straight. 3rd Cut your boards too length. Sand the ends and any rough edges. 4th Stain- with reVAX. For raw wood like this I prefer to mist with water before applying the first coat of reVAX. I applied two thin coats of hazelnut reVAX using a damp VAX applicator sponge. I wanted to see the grain in the wood, but you can always add more coats for more coverage. That's it! Now I can check that off my to do list and get to the next project.

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