How to Apply Glaze

So, you’ve heard the rumor that Shabby Paints Tinted Armor can also be used as a glaze.  We already know it is perfect for protecting, and staining furniture.  But can this be true?  YES, so now we can add Glazing to the growing list of Tinted Armor’s awesomeness. We have four beautiful colors to choose from Betty White, Hazelnut, Driftwood, and Black. Glaze and add protection at the same time. Tips for Glazing: For me, I like to add a coat of Sheer Armor first. This allows a longer open time for the glaze. Some users like to dilute the Tinted Armor with Sheer Armor. It is up to you. Be prepared:

How to Apply Glaze 

Before you Start: Prep your painted surface with a coat of one of our Sheer Armor top-coats, to make it a little more forgiving. Chalk-Acrylic Paint is very flat and is going to grab the glaze fast and that can be a bad thing so having a coat of Sheer Armor on first will make it easier to manipulate. Get your Glaze On! I recommend a damp Armor Applicator Sponge to apply and a damp wash rag to wipe away areas. Wipe on and away immediately working in small areas.  Keep a baby wipe handy for any of those places it grabs too heavy or you miss and it has started to dry.  If you make a mistake and need to erase it, wait until it has dried before going back over it. On the detailed areas, I also use a chip or synthetic paintbrush and press the glaze in the creases and then wipe away. Shabby Shannon Paint with Passion!

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