The Golden Peacock

Using Furniture Fracture (Crackle)



This will be known as The Golden Peacock. She is bold, proud, and weathered. This was one of those fun projects to see transform.

She had a very high gloss finish, but someone really scratched her up..even carved LOVE on her top. Which is how I knew it was true love. Got her at Goodwill for $14.99. The price helped the decision too 🙂
I cleaned her with a mixture of Vinegar and water because she had tape residue and you could see the pledge build up. Yikes. After that I painted two coats of our Vibrant Gold Glaze. I know it says Glaze but if you just lay it on let dry and add another coat you will be amazed at the effect it has..even over an unpainted surface.
DSC_0017 DSC_0016
After she was all gold and dry I applied our Furniture Fracture (crackle).  This stuff will crack most anything. It is thick so whatever you do when out for gravity it will try and run if it doesn’t’ get smoothed out. I try and keep the direction the same but alternate the amount of crackle to change the affect. Your not trying to be are actually doing the opposite. At the end of my blah blah, I’ll add some instructions on how to get different effects using Furniture Fracture.
Once that was all dry to the touch..on a piece this big I gave it all night.
I applied Peacock Chalk-Acrylic Paint. This is where you can make or break a fractured piece. Really load up your brush follow one direction with a light touch..resist going back over it. This is where it is actually fun to watch paint dry 🙂
After you are all dry you are ready to run your hand across it go wow..that is really cool. If you have any rough spots take a fine piece of sandpaper and smooth it out. I then used a 50/50 mixture of VAX (top coat) and Vibrant Gold Shimmer Glaze to protect. Oh la la
DSC_0023 DSC_0026 DSC_0039 DSC_0040
Directions for Furniture Fracture:

What is Shabby Paints Furniture Fracture? Furniture Fracture is a strong non-toxic crackle. Crackling or Fracturing is where the layer painted over the Furniture Fracture cracks or separates revealing the undercoat. This process gives a splitting or blistering effect. Furniture fracture is a simple way of adding dramatic depth to your favorite project. Fracture Tips below.

Furniture Fracture is stronger than homemade or craft crackle products, giving you great results every time. Furniture Fracture is Non-Toxic, VOC Free and Made in the USA.

Furniture Fracture should be protected with Shabby Paints VAX or Varnish.
Directions for Use:

Brush or sponge Furniture Fracture over dry, clean surface.
Let Furniture Fracture dry to the touch. If a heavy fracturing is desired, apply a second coat and let dry. Brush or sponge Chalk-Acrylic Paint, Shimmer Glaze or Shimmer Paints on top of dried Crackle. It is important to work fast and not keep going over the same area while wet. Brushing the same area repeatedly tends to pull off the under-layer once the crackling process has started. Let dry. Finish with Shabby VAX or Shabby Varnish.
Fracture Tips: Vertical brushing gives vertical cracks.

Using a Brush Usually gives bigger cracks.
Using a sponge gives warn and small cracks. A small amount of crackle will give you small cracks. Crisscross strokes with a bristle brush gives small random cracks. Practice on piece of cardboard until you get the desired look you want. Layer Colors for different effects.

Made In the USA
Water Based
VOC Free
Cruelty FREE
Cleans up with soap and water.