Furniture Fracture-CrackleHeavily Distressed and aged Furniture

I’m short on time but I wanted to give a quick breakdown on how I achieved this look. This beautiful table had a huge bite out of the front (yes actual teeth marks)Heavily Distressed Furniture

I knew the best way to keep that from standing out was to heavily distress her so it would  just blend in.

Here is what I did:

First I smoothed out the bite marks and scratches with sandpaper.

I started by painting two coats of Vintage Glass on the Top, Two coats of Oh So Shabby everywhere else.

Then I used a cheap sponge roller to apply a thick coat of our Furniture Fracture (crackle) on just the top over the Vintage Glass.   The sponge roller makes smaller more textured fractures and even bubbles. If you are looking for a uniformed look….don’t do it this way. 🙂 I wanted it to look like an old leather cracked table top. I’m big on the way things feel…I touch everything..and I’m a Germaphobe..go figure 🙂 I go through lots of hand sanitizer 🙂


Once that was dry I painted Oh so shabby over that.

The front drawer I did the opposite, I painted it with Oh so Shabby then used a chip brush to apply the Furniture Fracture for longer smoother fractures. Once dry I painted over the fracture with Vintage Glass.

Furniture Fracture

Next I Heavily reVAXed with black using a foam sponge. (note: if you want some control over how dark your reVAX will be, you need to apply sheer VAX first. This gives you more time to manipulate the amount applied)  I went crazy using my dremel sander to distress. When distressing I was careful to change the pressure to expose the different layers of colors. If you look close to the below picture you can see the vintage glass peeking through and then I sanded in some spots just enough to remove the black reVAX to let the Oh So Shabby show. The contrast is bold and adds depth.

Heavily Distressed and aged Furniture

I then Glammed it up with Bold Gold Shimmer Glaze by brushing on and using a rag to lightly rub in.  Finally I applied Sheer VAX for protection.

The end.

PS. She is for sale 🙂

DSC_0062 DSC_0053

Heavily Distressed and aged Furniture

Heavily Distressed and aged Furniture Heavily Distressed and aged Furniture Heavily Distressed and aged Furniture