VAX & reVAX 101

Glazed with reVAX

Cerusing Lime Wash
Pearl reVAX finished table
Lillian Gray, Black reVAX, White reVAX


Matte & Satin

In addition to our superior pure Acrylic paints, we developed a unique line of Top Coats, sure to have you putting a lid on that toxic can of wax. Never wax or buff again with our exclusive, easy to use, outdoor rated, Satin and Matte VAX, developed exclusively by Shabby Paints. VAX is our revolutionary protective finishing product.  We combined the matte-like look and feel of wax with the durability of varnish, without fumes or dangerous chemicals!  VAX is applied in seconds, dries in minutes, does not require buffing, and unlike wax it never needs to be reapplied. Yes, it is that easy! Offering real durability that holds up to real life. Say goodbye to temporary wax finishes that can only survive if you don’t touch or use them. Say hello to fabulous durable, cleanable, finishes that last, finally! Plus, with zero VOC’s, you can paint inside the house, those days of shivering in the garage, or on the back porch are over.

reVAX Complete


Don’t worry, we did not forget about that oh so shabby patina you crave! For adding depth, dimension, and character we created our tinted line of top coats! Our reVAX line-up leaves you with endless options for creating breath taking finishes, with all the same protective features of VAX. These versatile tinted top coats double as a glaze, and a stain. When used as a stain for wood you can enjoy no smelly fumes, long waits, or complicated steps, the top coat is built right in! reVAX comes in Black, Hazelnut, White, and Driftwood.

What makes Shabby Paints special?


As you might expect, our products offer the same advantages as some of the more expensive boutique brands: low prep, no priming, coverage in 1-2 coats and incredible adhesion to any surface. We didn’t stop there we used the latest technology to create a safe, zero VOC paint with even better coverage, more durability, superior adhesion, at the best possible price. No more frustrating applications, and annoying limitations, your welcome! Finally, a beautiful chalk finish without all the baggage!

Being Green has never been so beautiful.

Value & Affordability

We are just going to be honest here, it makes us really sad to see rescuing furniture as only a hobby for the elite. It is important to us to make the highest quality products that are affordable and available to everyone! This is the true spirit of shabby.

Why you’ll love Shabby Paints

  • Our products are non-toxic, and VOC-Free, making them 100% safe.
  • Unlike waxed pieces, If you change your mind you do not have to strip or sand, just re-paint.
  • Easy enough for beginners, no intimidating and complicated steps.
  • Paint wood, metal, paper clay, fabric, concrete, laminate, tile, terracotta, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, tin and so much more
  • No long waits between coats, dries in minutes.
  • Paint inside the house without fumes. Paint between phone calls, loads of laundry, and while the little ones’ nap.
  • Kids can safely help too.
  • True durability that lasts, inside or out! No more soft and tacky finishes that are hard to clean and easily ruined.
  • No more limitations, our products are safe for bathrooms, kitchens and the great outdoors.
  • Our products are made and sourced exclusively in the U.S.
  • We never participate in animal testing and our products contain no animal by-products (Vegan friendly)
  • 45 Sassy & Classy Colors.

Sound too good to be true? Put Shabby Paints to the test, and prepare to be delighted! Visit your nearest stylist to learn more.

10 reasons to Switch to Shabby Paints


Always shake or stir reVAX before use. Make sure the painted surface is clean and dry. Apply with a slightly damp Shabby Applicator Sponge, slightly damp soft brush or misted lint free rag.  Lightly apply onto surface, all over or just in areas you would like aged.  Apply additional coats for more durability or for more depth. Only two coats in a 24-hour period are recommended. Please allow reVAX to fully cure, this will depend on humidity and how thick it was applied. Don’t set anything heavy on your recently reVAXed piece until you know it is fully cured. 7 to 21 days.  Use and store at temperatures between 60 to 85 degrees only.

  • Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Comes in 8oz., and 16oz. Squeeze bottle for easy use and control.
  • Works well with all Shabby Paints Products.
  • No Animal Byproducts, no bees Wax, 100% Vegan.
  • Non-Polluting & Environmentally Sound

*Shabby Paints is perfect for those with chemical sensitivities or milk allergies. Contains no Caseins.

Staining with reVAX

Stained with reVAX

reVAX Hazelnut Stain
Cali Taupe Black reVAX
Hazelnut ReVAX easy to use stained Top.