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Well it only took a few months to get to, this cute little bench!!  The fabric was in great shape but not going to work in my house.  If you are not up for reupholstering something this is a great alternative that is easy, inexpensive and great for saving a piece from clashing with your decor.

How to paint fabric, is the number one requested how to I get. For most, it is overwhelming to get started so I hope this helps.  I do recommend practicing on something like a Goodwill pillow with the same type of fabric you are wanting to tackle. Practice makes perfect. But if you are like me just go for it.

How to Paint Fabric:

Clean Fabric: I used a vacuum attachment.

Protect: Use Painters tape to protect any wood or painted surfaces close to your fabric.


  • I used our new color Linen & Lace. Lucky me the entire piece was getting the same color. ?
  • I started with a 70/30 Paint/Water mixture for the first coat on the fabric. This makes it easier to get into the fabric details and soak the fibers.
  • Once dry I lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper.
  • Clean after sanding.
  • Next coat I painted with full strength paint. If you have a higher pile (thicker fabric) you may need to dilute again.
  • Lightly sand again and then wipe down with a slightly damp wash rag.

Optional: Glaze

Glaze or age your piece, this is not required, I have several pieces I’ve painted and never added VAX or reVAX. I still have some outdoor cushions I painted years ago. One side was VAXed and the other side wasn’t. Still no issues years later.  The side I VAXed is a little easier to clean bird poo off when sprayed with a hose.


I glazed the entire bench using White reVAX to give this piece depth and highlight the details.

  1. Apply heavily in small sections and wipe away with a damp wash rag.
  2. Repeat

Huge change, little work.

Nothing like a cheap, fun makeover.


  1. What kind of fabric is it? Thicker or taller fabric pile works better with just a little more water.  I recommend the first coat be more of a 60/40 paint/water mixture.  This will help get better fabric coverage.
  2. Sanding in between coats helps keep the pile from standing up stiffly.
  3. If your fabric has a design in it like tapestry or stripes that design will still show, embrace it!
  4. You might require more coats to cover darker or thicker fabric.

How does it feel? It feels like faux leather or a thick canvas drop cloth. Best way I can explain it.

Does it come off on your clothes? No.

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