Layering Colors without Sanding

Easily Layer multiple colors with a Shabby Applicator Sponge.

This cute little sponge doesn’t look like much, but it delivers just the right amount of paint or top coat. This magic, must have tool makes blending a breeze.  Just keep it slightly damp and adjust pressure to take your favorite colors to the next level. Blending colors adds dimension and fun to a boring piece of furniture.

New to layering colors? Practice, blending your favorite Shabby Paints colors on a piece of scrap wood or even cardboard. If you do not love it, step back, walk away, and come back. If you still don’t love it simply add another color! Let go of pre-conceived ideas and rules, have fun!

Still unsure, don’t worry, I added an easy to follow video! I’m pretty famous (maybe infamous:) for doing corny short videos for those like me with short attention spans and an adventurous, I just want to try it attitude. Don’t be intimidated by all the complicated how-to’s out there.  Layering different colors is easy with the right tools.  You don’t have to go this bold, subtle colors work too. Use colors that speak to you. Make it fun!

What I used; Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic in Mojito, Emily Ann, and Peacock. Repeated until I got the effect I wanted. Aged and protected with Hazelnut reVAX.

Tips and Tricks

Practice on a sample board!

Get creative, Greens and blues make great contrasting beachy colors.

Shabby Applicator Sponge is also washable and reusable!

Shadow edges and corners for dimension

Follow Shabby Paints for New and Improved how-to videos coming 2018!

 I used Mojito, Emily Ann, and Peacock. Repeated until I got the effect I wanted. Finished with Hazelnut reVAX.

Practice on a sample board!

Go Create your own Layers!