Layering Paint for Depth

Here is a quick way to add depth to your next furniture transformation.

This is a great way to make a plain piece standout.

First..rule for all pieces…clean all the years of grime off your piece then rinse!!

What I did:

I Painted with a coat of White Ice, let dry.

I then used a dry stiff chip brush to add a few strokes of Baby you would if you were dry brushing.  You can see what this looks like at the beginning of the video.  (Use very little paint on a dry brush)

For the next layer I then used a damp applicator sponge to apply Baby Boo, keeping it thin enough to allow the White Ice to peak through. Like a wash of color.

Tips: Pour your paint on a paper plate, keep a water bottle that will mist near by and baby wipes for mistakes.

Here is a clip of me applying Baby Boo with an applicator sponge (available from your local SP Stylist) ..sometimes you need to see it to get how easy and fun it is. 🙂

Now you can distress. I used 80 grit sandpaper to distress edges and all the details.  Adjust the pressure and change sandpaper grit to get the look you want.

For example a lighter hand will reveal the White Ice coat and more pressure will take you to the wood.  It’s an easy way to get more detail.

I love  D-STRESSing!!

Now it is time to add even more depth while protecting it from life.

I mixed 1 part white reVAX and 1 part Pearl reVAX.   I rinsed my sponge and applied my reVAX mixture all over. Thin, light handed coats are best. I did a total of two coats.

This mixture gave it a subtle white opal finish.

That’s it!

Not  sure you are ready to try this technique? Contact your local Stylist for classes and join our forum for support and inspiration.

(Sheer VAX is our clear matte top coat and reVAX is our tinted top coats, matte finish.  Comes in Hazelnut, Black, Pearl, and White.  We also have Varnish for a satin finish)

No Buffing, No Reapplying, No fumes, No Worries!

Non Toxic, Earth Friendly, Zero VOC Products!

I couldn’t find the original before but I did find the one after a horrible run in with milk paint a few years ago..yikes!

Layering Paint for Depth #layeringpaint #BabyBoo #shabbypaints #whiteice #whiterevax #pearlrevax #lilliangray
Layering Paint for Depth #layeringpaint #BabyBoo #shabbypaints #whiteice #whiterevax #pearlrevax #lilliangray
Layering Paint for Depth #layeringpaint #BabyBoo #shabbypaints #whiteice #whiterevax #pearlrevax #lilliangray
Layering Paint for Depth #layeringpaint #BabyBoo #shabbypaints #whiteice #whiterevax #pearlrevax #lilliangray