Let’s get Rusty!

Love Rust? Transform anything from Cardboard to tacky chandeliers into rustic, stylish pieces.

This might also be called Shannon’s therapy..I love the abstract part of randomly mixing colors, being messy and not having to be perfect. 🙂

Brass chandelier beforeRust Painted Chandelier

 I’ve done this with or without Shabby Texture..so that is your call.  Shabby Texture will give you a more realistic rugged look and feel. If you don’t have it try painting each coat on rough and thick leaving peaks for texture. Perfection is not needed for this project.

I highly recommend having a rusty object to mimic while you are painting. It really helps to have something to look at when you are creating rust. This was my inspiration, an old industrial pulley.


So let’s Make our own rust!

For this project I painted a cardboard cutout from Hobby Lobby.

Shabby Texture by Shabby Paints

If you are using Shabby Texture, apply first, thick and messy like rust would look and feel. I used a cheap chip brush with cut down bristles.

Shabby Texture by Shabby Paints

Shabby Texture base for rust rough surface

Once Dry paint with Licorice.

Making rust with chalk paint Making rust with chalk paint

Next use a stiff brush or a stencil brush and randomly dab Volunteer on. Some rust has a more golden undertone so you can use Margarita and for a more reddish undertone try Betsy Ross Red.

Layering paint to make rust

Making your own rust

Next mix Buffalo brown and a touch of Volunteer.  Dry brush, letting the Licorice and Volunteer peek through.  If you find it to orange, tone down with buffalo brown.

Making rust with chalk paint

Chalk Painted Rust Making rust with chalk paint Making rust with chalk paint

Now you can make rust. 

DSC_0087 DSC_0020