Napkin Decoupage Frame Makeover

 Easy How to by Shabby Paints Stylist Myra at Simply Living Boutique

First paint the frame with VAX, then place strips of the napkin onto the frame and smooth out the best you can.  Some napkins are 2 ply so remove the second ply before placing it on the frame (or whatever else you might be working on). If you get bubbling under the napkin take a foam brush with a good amount of VAX on it and smooth it out with the brush, then brush off the excess VAX. When it dries put a top coat of VAX or Re-VAX over the whole piece.

For a chalkboard use your favorite Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic color  and don’t seal..season with chalk…enjoy.

P1060094 P1060086 P1060085