There’s nothing I won’t paint! 🙂

Even my Chevy Bowtie!

Originally painted in 2013 with Shabby Paints and still rocking it in 2019. How does your chalk style paint hold up outside?


Update: 7/10/2019

Update: 1/2/2014

Still rocking the bowtie!!

Painted Chevy Bowtie

Paint your Chevy Bowtie:

Warning..this could cause fights with your spouse..I in no way am responsible for that or lost tools you borrow from them either. You are on your own!


So I removed the Chipping Chevy bowtie from my new “to me” truck and painted it with Shabby Chalk-Acrylic Paint in Peppy Peacock and protected with Satin VAX. It’s all about the accessories ladies!
I’m thinking I need a few extras for seasonal inspiration, to match my purse, or to change with my mood. 🙂 Now I need some tint and wheels and this baby will be all me!!!!