Are you saving money using Latex or homemade Chalk Paint?

Why using Latex paint or homemade Chalk like Paint is more expensive than Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic.

One of the main reasons people use latex paint for painting furniture is because it is less expensive, so they think they are saving money.  I’m fixing to show you that you are actually spending more money, using lower quality resins and making a lot of extra work for yourself.


Without spending a lot of time explaining the boring details about the difference in Latex and Acrylic paints, here it is short and sweet.  There is actually No latex (rubber) in latex is actually Vinyl.  The cheapest quality latex paints are just vinyl. Then the next step up would be a mix of acrylic and latex (vinyl) paints, sometimes called “Acrylic Latex” or just called Acrylic.  These are better quality than the latex paints.  Next you have the top of the line paints that use Pure Acrylic.  This is What Shabby Paints uses, non toxic, VOC Free, Acrylic.

So why does this matter. Well the higher the quality the better the adhesion. Ever wonder why Shabby Paints goes on with out priming or sanding, and your store bought latex has to be applied over raw wood or a primed surface? This is because we use the highest quality Acrylics  available.  Starting to see the big picture where the money savings is?


The coverage rate for most latex paints are 250 – 350 sq. ft. per gallon (check the product label for more specific information).  The Coverage rate for Shabby Chalk-Acrylic Paint is 600 – 760 sq. ft. per gallon. So even if you are adding some foreign ingredients to make it into a “chalk like paint” you aren’t changing how far it will go.


Next lets take into consideration the prep work involved in using latex paints. Surfaces being prepped for latex paints will need to be primed and/or sanded. Don’t forget to budget for primer.  Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic only requires a thorough cleaning before painting.  Whether you are painting for a living or as a hobby your time is valuable!

*This also goes for mixing your own homemade chalk paint it doesn’t change the coverage of the latex paint you are mixing with.

Here is the breakdown.

Latex Paint

  • Average coverage of Latex 250 – 350 per Gallon
  • Average coverage of Latex 62.50 – 87.50 per Quart

* Latex paints will also require priming and or sanding

Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic

  • Average coverage of Chalk-Acrylic 600 – 760 per Gallon
  • Average coverage of Chalk-Acrylic 150 – 190 per Quart

What else is so special about Shabby Paints:

All Shabby Paints products are environmentally Friendly, Made in the USA, NON-Toxic, and contain NO VOC’s.

Cleans up with soap and water.

Comes in  8oz. 16oz. and 32oz.  We use clear containers. We have nothing to hide.

No Animal Byproducts, no bees Wax, 100% Vegan.

Non Polluting & Environmentally Sound

*We know there are a lot of paints on the market, but rest assured, Shabby Paints was developed by chemists.  Not made in a basement from someone mixing hardware store ingredients.

**Because we don’t use antifreeze or toxic chemicals Shabby Paints products can freeze if not stored properly.  Store and use paint in a dry area between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Shabby Paints Average Coverage

Chalk-Acrylic Paints
75-100 sq. ft per 16oz.
150-190 sq. ft per quart.
*depending surface and on application method.

Sheer & Tinted Armor
8 oz. bottle 50-75 sq. ft.
16 oz. bottle 100-150 sq. ft.
*depending surface and on how thick it’s applied.