Painted Brick Fireplace-Farmhouse Inspiration

Before and After Brick Painted Fireplace

For over 20 years I’ve dreamed of living in an old farmhouse, and I’m not going to sit here and complain about not being able to live that dream just yet, because I’m Beyond Blessed.  I enjoy the challenge of giving a plain house character.   So this 1974 ranch has had many looks, and a few have been since I’ve lived here 🙂

Here it is before:Chalked Painted Brick Fireplace

I originally painted the brick fireplace when we remodeled the kitchen several years ago.  You can find the original How To here: Click Here

Here it is after being painted Grey. Love it but I’m a girl and I’m allowed to make changes. 🙂Painted brick fireplace Chalk Paint

If you follow me you already know that I recently updated my kitchen island with faux brick. (Install Faux Brick and age it for under $30.00) I loved it so much I decided to give the same aged look to my real brick fireplace.

  How I did it:

After thoroughly vacuuming the brick, I painted the grout lines with Alamo White in small sections, then used a slightly damp rag to spread paint over the entire section. You can see how I did it in the below video.  It really was as easy as it sounds.

It took me an hour and 10 min to paint the brick and less than 8 oz. of paint. So this project cost me less than $10.00…Woo Hoo!!

Well the transformation didn’t stop there, the Worn White mantle no longer worked so I repainted it with Alamo White and Black reVAX.  Now it is perfect! It is so warm and inviting. Oh and my husband is over the moon excited about it. He doesn’t usually say anything about my projects but this one has him complimenting it every time he walks in the room.  Great reaction for less than $10.00.

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Painted brick Farmhouse look

Before and After Brick Painted Fireplace