Prepping Furniture to Paint

Start with these 6  simple steps for a perfect Finish!

Prepping your furniture prior to painting is one of the most important steps to a perfect finish.  After years of grease and grime build up it is really important to remove those years so your paint has a clean surface to adhere to.

  1. SMALL REPAIRS-Look your piece over do you need to make any repairs? Fill holes and small damaged areas with Shabby Paints Texture..let dry and sand smooth! Don’t worry it is paintable and stainable.
  2. DAMAGE-If the damage is more severe like lifting veneer or broken drawers, fix those now. If you are painting don’t worry about veneer just remove and sand any glue left behind. (Always wear a mask when sanding)
  3. SURFACE-Is your piece flaking or chipping? Sand any loose or chipping paint off, if it is flaking now painting over it won’t change that. Do you have a high gloss finish? If so roughing it up quickly with sandpaper to give it “tooth” will making adhesion better and you’ll use less product. Saving you paint and money!
  4. HARDWARE-Remove hardware and set aside in a safe place if you are reusing. If you are painting kitchen cabinets mark all hinges so you can put them back exactly where they were. You will thank me later 🙂
  5. CLEAN– WE CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Clean all surfaces and hardware!  Shabby Paints recommends a 50/50 warm water white vinegar mixture and adding a few drops of Dawn to help cut grease. This is the most important step.  Your paint must have a clean grease free foundation to adhere. A kitchen scrubby pad can really give you an extra advantage. Grease and dirt have spent years building up so take the extra few minutes to make sure you have removed all the years of dirt and grime.
  6. RINSE-Equally as important as cleaning. Left over cleaner can impede adhesion.