Repurpose a Piece of Furniture into a Sink

Repurpose a Piece of Furniture into a Sink

My Shabby Studio is ready to get Shabby.  Finally after months and months of building issues it is time for the fun to start!  All the ideas that have been swimming around in my head since August are ready to become a reality.  So I’m starting with a very important part of any studio, an awesome place to wash paint brushes.   I needed a sink deep and wide enough for brushes, paint buckets, and any other treasures I find that might need to be cleaned.

With every project I at least try and find something to recycle.  Sadly the sink I fell in love with made it almost impossible to find a piece of furniture deep enough to accommodate my dream sink. Luckily after I had given up, my daughter found a good deal for a TV cabinet/dresser and set it up to be delivered with the intention I could flip it or use it for storage.  When I finally put my hands on it and got to see the bottom half with nothing on it, I realized how deep it was, so I ran and got my measuring tape and the happy dance ensued.  Kind of hated to seperate the two but it looks like the top will work as my water heater cover/storage cabinet with some adjustments…(check back later to see if my idea works:)

The only before picture I have :(

Transforming used Furniture into a functional Utility Sink:

First remove the drawers, sadly for this one I lost any chance of having a usable drawer to accommodate the sink and plumbing. Unscrew the fronts of the drawers and set aside, it will be easier for the plumber to do what needs to be done when you are ready to move it into place if the drawer faces aren’t attached.  Save the rest of the drawers for another project, like adding wheels for under bed or cabinet storage. 🙂Repurpose a Piece of Furniture into a Sink

I removed the entire back to see what I was dealing with before cutting to fit plumbing.  Make sure it will fit flush on the wall while allowing access for the drain and water.  Pay attention to what you cut out in the back, you might need to brace things to make sure to preserve its integrity.

Repurpose a Piece of Furniture into a Sink

Depending on what type of furniture piece you are using and the sink you choose you might need to add more counter space.  I used such a large sink there was nothing left and like all gals..we need space for our treasures 🙂   So we added a top, glued and screwed it on, baam extra counter space! 

How to Make a Utility Sink out of furniture

Break out the power tools.  Follow the directions on the sink for cutting the top. They usually come with a template, just draw it out and if you aren’t handy with a saw..get someone to teach you. Oh and don’t be like my husband….put on the safety glasses. I don’t like getting sawdust out of his eye. ;-/

Now you are ready to paint. Most important rule of painting with any paint…CLEAN! You have to start with a clean surface for your paint to adhere. This like most pieces has spent the last 14 years being polished with oily furniture polishes. I personally use vinegar and water to clean my pieces and if I think it still has an oily build up I use a sanding block (sponge like) dipped in my vinegar/water mixture to be sure it is clean. Wipe down and dry then let the fun begin. A lot of painters use TSP cleaners, and that is great but look for a phosphate free version.


Painted with two coats of Peacock Chalked Paint, let dry.  Then I did a coat of  Sheer VAX with a SLIGHTLY DAMP Vax Applicator Sponge all over. Once that was dry I flipped over my applicator sponge to apply Black reVAX all over. If you want more control over your darker reVAX colors applying sheer first make it so much easier to manipulate.Vax Applicator Sponge

You will need to find a way to attach just the drawer fronts when it is time so plan for that.  Once it is attached to plumbing laying on the floor to attach them can be tricky.  I used Gorilla wood glue to attach mine, but if I had planned ahead I would have installed brackets so that I could have easily screwed them in from the back.  Live and learn.

I love it, better than what I had imagined.  Off to work on my fireplace mantle.  🙂

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