TV Entertainment Center Repurposed

Great for a Kitchen Pantry, Coffee Bar, Mancave Bar, Craft Room Storage, Shoe Closet, or Purse Storage.

Repurposed TV Entertainment Center/Armoire Wardrobe

If you are a picker like me you have seen these huge monstrosities at your local thrift store and you probably even know someone that has offered to give one away if someone would just come and get it.  TV’s that used to fit these cabinets are a thing of the past. But they are worth giving a second look at.


When our kitchen flooded 2 years ago our insurance company left us high and dry having to pay for over half of the repairs. (don’t get me started) Needless to say that put us on a very strict budget and getting the pantry of my dreams didn’t happen.

So as you can imagine I needed more storage in my kitchen desperately!  I actually have been storing kitchen appliances in my laundry room, Wine Glasses in the guest bedroom and canned goods in a vintage suitcase in the dining room 🙂

Now my wine glasses have a safe home, my morning coffee mess can be tucked away, and the ugly microwave isn’t taking up valuable countertop space.  The large bottom cabinet area offers lots of additional space for anything else I need to tuck away like canned goods and cereal.

What I did to Transform this dated oak cabinet:


Take everything you can apart, and for the love of all that is Shabby take pictures and use a magnetic bowl or separate trays to remember what goes where!  I like to learn the hard way so you don’t have too.  🙂  The back was cut out for a TV so I replaced it with a plywood. (look for a company that uses sustainable wood sources, like Patriot Timber.)


Most important step with any piece you are transforming, CLEAN it thoroughly.  This thing was covered in furniture polish and your finished product is only as good as how it starts.  I used vinegar and water and a foam sanding block to make sure it is free of any oils and dirts.


I used my favorite Paint sprayer from Harbor Freight.  Using a  70/30 Marine Blue Paint/Water mixture.  Sprayed the cabinet inside and out with one coat. (You don’t have to spray you can easily brush your cabinet)

TV Entertainment Center Repurposed-Kitchen Pantry/Coffee Bar


TV Entertainment Center Repurposed-Kitchen Pantry/Coffee Bar

Once dry I used a misted VAX Applicator Sponge to apply Alamo White like a wash. Keep Baby Wipes, Lint free rag, and spray bottle handy if it gets too heavy or doesn’t blend where you have had to stop, these tools will easily help.


Once I was happy with the Alamo White Wash I sanded the piece randomly to distress.  Sanding with a courser grit around the edges and places that a piece would normally experience heavy use.



Lastly I went over it with a coat of White ReVAX (top coat) using a damp VAX applicator sponge.  Two coats on the inside where my son is sure to come over and spill coffee all over it. 🙂


The pulls were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

The cabinet was very square and sat directly on the ground, it needed to be off the floor because it was going to be sitting over a vent so I added round bun feet from Lowes.  Easy way to change the look of a dated piece of furniture.

TV Entertainment Center Repurposed-Kitchen Pantry/Coffee Bar

TV Entertainment Center Repurposed-Kitchen Pantry/Coffee Bar

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Alamo White is a striking creamy white. The perfect white to bring you in and make you want to stay.

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Marine Blue, We called in the Marines for inspiration on this color. When you want the best you call the best! 50% of all proceeds of this color go to Wounded Warrior Project. #wwp

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Color Washing, with a sponge is an easy alternative to dry brushing.  It changes the tone of a piece as well as the mood of a room.

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