Repurposed Shutters

Vanilla Bear Shutter turned into a Coat Rack

Looking for a way to repurpose your old shutters?  Well after tripping over these for months I finally had my lightbulb moment.  Coat Rack  (Or Bathroom Towel Rack or even a Pet Station for Leashes and Collars)!!!!

This was easy and fast, but most importantly it will be useful.

My shutter was in two pieces so I stacked one on the other to make a shelf.


Attach L brackets on the sides to secure it. (sorry missing some pictures)

shutter l bracket

Next, paint it, one of the reasons I waited so long was I was dreading painting the slats.

 So I took a deep breath, grabbed a small brush, and painted it with two coats of Vanilla Bear. (There might have been a glass of wine involved) 🙂

Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Once it was dry, I distressed it with sandpaper and aged and protected it with hazelnut reVAX.

Vanilla Bear Shutter turned into a Coat Rack

I added two shelf brackets for style and extra support and drawer pulls for coat hooks and done! (pre drill these things are fragile!)

Hang anywhere your family members usually throw coats and hats on the floor, maybe this will inspire them to hang them up. Oh, who are we kidding you will still be the one hanging them up. 😉

How to Repurpose old shutters