Sheer Armor & Tinted Armor

Sheer Armor

Matte & Satin (Previously Known as VAX)

In addition to our superior pure Acrylic paints, we developed a unique line of Top Coats, sure to have you putting a lid on that toxic can of wax. Never wax or buff again with our exclusive, easy-to-use, outdoor rated, Satin and Matte Armor, developed exclusively by Shabby Paints. Sheer Armor is our revolutionary protective finishing product.  We combined the matte-like look and feel of wax with the durability of varnish, without fumes or dangerous chemicals!  Sheer Armor is applied in seconds, dries in minutes, does not require buffing, and unlike wax it never needs to be reapplied. Yes, it is that easy! Offering real durability that holds up to real life. Say goodbye to temporary wax finishes that can only survive if you don’t touch or use them. Say hello to fabulous durable, cleanable, finishes that last, finally! Plus, with zero VOC’s, you can paint inside the house, those days of shivering in the garage, or on the back porch are over.

Tinted Armor

Hazelnut*Black*Betty White*Driftwood

Don’t worry, we did not forget about that oh-so-shabby patina you crave! For adding depth, dimension, and character we created our tinted line of topcoats! Our Tinted Armor line-up leaves you with endless options for creating breathtaking finishes, with all the same protective features of Sheer Armor. These versatile tinted topcoats double as a glaze, and a stain. When used as a stain for wood you can enjoy no smelly fumes, long waits, or complicated steps, the topcoat is built right in! Tinted Armor comes in Black, Hazelnut, Betty White, and Driftwood.

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Full Armor Finishes - Protect Stain Glaze All-In-One