Stained Farmhouse Table

Well, the hubby never got around to building me my dream farmhouse table and with Thanksgiving around the corner I did what I always do…improvised! Luckily I found this homemade table at Goodwill and new I could make it work in a pinch.

Someone had been using this as a kids craft table. Lots of glitter, drawings, glue and even chewing gum came free with this beauty.

First..and I mean this has got to be the first thing you do before painting anything, CLEAN it and RINSE it! This was waxed with something weird and greasy so I used a 50/50 water vinegar mixture with 2 drops of blue dawn with a scrubby pad.  Rinsed with water and dried with a microfiber cloth.

Now the easy part!

I stained this table alternating Hazelnut and black reVAX.

First coat was black reVAX

Second coat Hazelnut reVAX.

*We recommend only applying 2 coats of any of our topcoats in a 24 hour period.  If you apply it to thick or humidity is high you could end up with a sticky finish and might have to wait a week for that to go away.  It isn’t  the end of the world if you don’t, but to be safe..wait the 24 hours for your 3rd coat.

3rd coat was my black reVAX

4th and final was Hazelnut reVAX

I painted the legs and chairs with our Chalk-Acrylic in Cali Taupe then aged  and protected with Hazelnut and a few drops of pearl reVAX (yes I’m always mixing things).

*All our products play nice so experiment…then share what you discover.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Applied with a damp Shabby Applicator Sponge.  (Damp-wet and wring out until no longer dripping)
  • Shabby Applicator Sponge-I recommend purchasing one from your stylist, you can find tons of sponges but if it isn’t the same type you take a chance of having a streaky finish and wasting your product. Some sponges soak product towards the center.  
  • Your first coat will look blah..don’t worry it dries in a few minutes and you can add another coat and then start to see the magic happen.
  • Remember smooth coats with a soft touch. Make sure your sponge never dries out and you have plenty of product on your sponge with each pass.
  • Keep a misting water bottle on hand to keep your sponge damp at all times.
  • Want a stained look but don’t have real wood, no worries paint a coat of Buffalo Brown or Licorice first.

Quick video on how to apply VAX and reVAX as a top coat 

Still not sure if you are ready to do this on your own? Contact your local stylist for classes.

I really love how it turned out. (don’t tell the hubby, I still want him to build me a table.)