Tinted Armor

Hazelnut*Black*Betty White*Driftwood

Don’t worry, we did not forget about that oh-so-shabby patina you crave! For adding depth, dimension, and character we created our tinted line of topcoats! Our Tinted Armor line-up leaves you with endless options for creating breathtaking finishes, with all the same protective features of Sheer Armor. These versatile tinted topcoats double as a glaze, and a stain. When used as a stain for wood you can enjoy no smelly fumes, long waits, or complicated steps, the topcoat is built right in! Tinted Armor comes in Black, Hazelnut, Betty White, and Driftwood.

Staining Butcher Block

Staining with Tinted Armor: The surface must be clean, dry, and free from existing finishes. Follow the grain in thin layers with long strokes using a damp Armor Applicator Sponge.  Add additional layers for a darker finish or alternate colors for depth.