Suitcase Coffee Table

This might be too easy to even post but the idea could inspire and that is always fun to pass along.

First I’d like to give a big thanks to my girl Danica for finding this beauty at a yardsale and giving it to me because she knows my obsession with rust, old, and trunks 😉

Sure it is beaten, a little water damaged, and musty smelling but after closer inspection it was a storage trunk on a Naval battleship and that means I have my own little piece of US History.

I didn’t do much to this besides putting a cup of vinegar in it for a week to remove odors.

Removed all the flaking that I could, the handle is very brittle.

Added four Straight Top Plates and then four legs from lowes that were painted with Buffalo Brown. I went with these for the height and the shape. This case needed  bulky straight lines, no girly shapely legs for a manly military piece of history! 🙂 Well, that was easy 🙂