29 04, 2014

Distressed Painting Technique

By |2017-01-22T19:44:12-06:00April 29th, 2014|Antique Paints, Furniture Fracture, RePurpose Ideas, Shabby Chalk Paint, Shabby Inspiration, Shabby Paints, Shabby Style, Vintage Paints|2 Comments

Make it look old with Shabby Paints Distressed Painting Technique   Got Stress? Need a distraction? Well, this is my stress reliever. Give me the task of making something look weathered and old and I can get lost in it.  I love to take something new..or something not old enough and make it look really [...]

16 11, 2013

Make your own Rust

By |2017-01-22T19:44:14-06:00November 16th, 2013|Antique Paints, Shabby Chalk Paint, Shabby Paints, Shabby Style, Vintage Paints|1 Comment

Let's get Rusty! Love Rust? Transform anything from Cardboard to tacky chandeliers into rustic, stylish pieces. This might also be called Shannon's therapy..I love the abstract part of randomly mixing colors, being messy and not having to be perfect. :)  I've done this with or without Shabby Texture..so that is your call.  Shabby Texture will [...]

22 08, 2013

Duncan Phyfe Damaged Veneer

By |2017-01-22T19:44:15-06:00August 22nd, 2013|Antique Paints, RePurpose Ideas, Shabby Chalk Paint, Shabby Inspiration, Shabby Paints, Shabby Style|4 Comments

  Duncan Phyfe Damaged Veneer If you are like me you see a beautiful table from afar and by the time you get to it you see reality, damaged veneer, usually from water and years of neglect.  One of the great things about ReLoving something from the past, is working with imperfections or as I [...]

23 04, 2013

Paint your Chevy Bowtie

By |2019-07-10T19:23:56-06:00April 23rd, 2013|Shabby Chalk Paint, Shabby Paints, Shabby Shimmer Paints, Shabby Style|Comments Off on Paint your Chevy Bowtie

There's nothing I won't paint! :) Even my Chevy Bowtie! Originally painted in 2013 with Shabby Paints and still rocking it in 2019. How does your chalk style paint hold up outside?   Update: 7/10/2019 Update: 1/2/2014 Still rocking the bowtie!! Paint your Chevy Bowtie: Warning..this could cause fights with your spouse..I in no way [...]

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