Licorice is the new Black!

So we’ve all seen how popular black and white is right now in design. It is classic, goes with most anything and can easily fit in with modern, traditional, or shabby decor.

The Good: $5.00 office cart I found at a thrift store. I had to have it because it was cheap and had wheels. Love furniture on Wheels! Now for the bad, it was finished with that horrible  mahogany stain that loves to bleed through. Now back to the good, before you reach for the toxic shellac to stop the bleed through we have an easy, inexpensive, non toxic solution. Once you realize you are messing with a piece that is going to bleed through stop and brush on a coat of VAX. Let it dry 5- 15 min. then get back to painting. The VAX will become a sealer blocking the bleed through. I finished this piece with VAX and I used a foam roller to apply. That is it, just roll on. Leave it be and it dries in 5 t0 15 min.  These beautiful stencils are from Wallmasque.

Paint Safe!



Licorice & Alamo White Licorice & Alamo White