Two Color distressing, with how to video!

Distressing furniture for me is like therapy. This is where I erase the days stresses.  So keeping it fun and stress free is the only way to do it.

If you want to distress by removing the top coat to reveal a color underneath, try this method. You can change up the colors and finishes to create any style you desire.

See Painting 101 for A Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture

Once you are ready to paint choose your base coat.  This will be the one that peeks through where you sand. Paint the entire piece or just where you will be sanding to reveal.  Next choose your top color and paint. Two Color Distressing

Two Color Distressing

What you will need: water bottle and sandpaper. Yeap that is it, mist a section and lightly sand and wipe away. Adjust pressure to remove more or less paint.  Change the direction you are sanding or the sandpaper grit for a different look.  If this is your first time, use a test board to be sure you will get the look you want.


Warning!!  Not all paints are created equal. If you have switched from another paint line to Shabby Paints you might be wondering why you can’t distress with a wet paper towel like you could with other paint lines.  Sorry we use 100% pure, non toxic, Acrylic resins so when it comes time to remove our paint you will need to know some tricks. Trust me, might sound like a pain right now but when you sell a piece of furniture and your customer is cleaning it and the paint doesn’t wipe off you will have a repeat happy customer!