Using reVAX as a Glaze


So you’ve heard a rumor that Shabby Paints reVAX can be used as a glaze?  We already know it is perfect for aging, protecting, staining and adding depth to your furniture.  But, can it also be used as a Glaze?  YES, so now we can add Glazing to the growing list of reVAX awesomeness.

The Black, Hazelnut, and White reVAXes will work great as a glaze while offering protection at the same time.

Shabby Chic Table Painted and Glazed

The mixture:

This is going to depend on you, I usually go for a little more water in mine.  I do a 50/50 water/reVAX mix. If that is to much water for you then just do less water. If gravity is working against you then it will run, so adjust if needed

Be prepared:

Keep lint free rags, water in a spray bottle set on mist and baby wipes on hand at all times.


Before you Start:

Prep your painted surface with a coat of one of our top coats, like sheer VAX to make it a little more forgiving. Chalk-Acrylic Paint is going to grab the glaze fast and that can be a bad thing so having a coat of VAX on first will make it easier to manipulate.

Get your Glaze On!

I use a damp VAX applicator sponge and an old shirt on large areas, wiping on and away immediately working in small areas.  I will keep my baby wipe handy for any of those places it grabs to heavy.  If you make a mistake and have to erase it, wait until it is dry before going back over it.

On the detailed areas I use my Cling On! brush and press the glaze in the creases and then wipe away leaving it in those areas. That’s it, Paint Safe!



Shabby Chic Table Painted and GlazedShabby Chic Table Painted and Glazed

Shabby Chic Table Painted and GlazedDSC_0067revax used as a Glaze