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ReLAX… we’ve got your

VAX and ReVAX!

DSC_0080   VAX and ReVAX

 A revolutionary protective finish combining the  style of wax with the durability of varnish.



If you haven’t tried VAX yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Not only is it easier to apply than wax, it is also more durable… revolutionizing the way people finish projects. This groundbreaking formula was developed exclusively by and for Shabby Paints. No more complicated waxing procedures with expensive brushes and endless buffing. VAX is simply rubbed, brushed or rolled on and dries in minutes. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Our sheer VAX is every bit as effective at adding depth and luster, and is unmatched in added durability. And if you want more dimension? Don’t worry. VAX is available in a variety of rich transformative colorful shades called ReVAX.

Directions for use: Always shake VAX/ReVAX before use. Make sure the painted surface is clean and dry. Apply with a damp foam sponge, damp soft brush or damp rag. Lightly apply onto surface, smooth out, and let dry 5-15 minutes. Apply additional coats for more durability. Only two coats in a 24 hour period are recommended.

VAX/ReVAX is also great for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. Clean up with soap and water.
VAX average coverage: A 4 oz. 20-25 sf and the 12 oz. 60-75 sf depending on how thick you apply and what you applying over.

VAX is our Sheer protective finish.

Use reVAX to age, add depth, or glam.

reVAX comes in Black, Hazelnut, Pearl, White and Glitter.


Great video on how to use VAX with water, by Vintage Updo’s.

ReVax comes in different colors to give your piece depth, dimension, texture, age or even some glam. If you are using a dark reVAX over chalked paint we always recommend using Sheer VAX first to give you a smooth surface to work with. This helps give you time to manipulate the dark reVAX.

black revax Glitter ReVAX Hazelnut ReVAX Pearl ReVAX

Currently we have ReVAX in:

Hazelnut (dark brown)





See it for yourself.