Can I use VAX over Wax?

Sheer VAX

Frequently our Stylists are asked if VAX can be applied over a previously waxed surface. The short answer is “We do not recommend VAX over wax” though let me explain:


Many of our customers are realizing that wax has to be reapplied- sometimes as often as twice yearly! Guess what? That is NOT the case with VAX and our customers <3 that!


Wax is a product when used for furniture, repels grease, grime and oils by the slick surface. If you put something on top of it, it will be repelled, because that is what you technically wanted it to do. Hence the reason “No” is our official answer. Generally the reaction would look fine initially and within 6 months, start to “flake” or appear “dandruff-like” as the VAX loses it adhesion to the waxed surface.


There have been reports of some customers who have placed VAX over a waxed and fully cured surface (minimum 30 days) and claim to have had no problems. If you’re willing to take the risk, we certainly recommend trying it on a small area first and letting it sit for a few days first to test it out.


If you’re not willing to take the risk, removing the wax is a pain, but not impossible. Here is a great link on ways to do it.  Make sure to rinse properly when you’re all done and you may need one extra coat of paint before the VAX depending on how hard you scrub or what method you use, but that would be ideal anyway to assure the VAX adheres properly. The last thing you want to do is start over when you’re almost done.

Happy Painting!!

Scottie Vosburgh
Shabby Paints Stylist Liaison