Warped Table Camouflage

Warped Table transformation

A True Story of Trash to Treasure!

Over the years I have become the go to lady when someone has junk they no longer want. Must be the Sanford and Son vibe I give off.  This ugly beast was left outside for over a year and was headed to the dump.  It was warped, faded and looked like a dog had chewed up the feet.


Since the top was severely damaged, stained and stinky I cleaned the best I could with a scrubby pad, vinegar and lots of elbow grease.

Warped Table transformation

Then I painted the top with two watered down coats of Buffalo Brown using a foam roller.

Warped Table transformation

(1 coat)

Warped Table transformation

(2 coats)

Warped Table transformation

Once that was dry I applied a coat of Hazelnut reVAX with a damp Applicator Sponge.

Sadly as you can see the warped top was still noticeable in certain light, so I decided to do a stencil that was just a few shades lighter than the top. Very subtle camo.

DSC_0042 Warped Table transformation

 For the stencil I mixed one part pearl reVAX, one part Brown bronze shimmer, two parts hazelnut reVAX and used a stencil I already had from Hobby Lobby and sponged on with a damp applicator Sponge.  Easy peasy. You can only see it in certain light..what warped table? 🙂  Topped with another coat of Hazelnut reVAX.

Warped Table transformation

The base I did two coats of Vanilla Bear, distressed, and then Hazelnut reVAX. This helped distract from the chewed up feet. 🙂

Warped Table transformation

(French to English Translation: I like your sense of humor)

Not bad for a table headed to the dump.

Warped Table transformation Warped Table transformation

stained Stencil table top

vanilla bear buffalo brown hazelnut stencil table