What Paint Sprayer do you use with Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic Paint?

I get asked this question so much I thought I’d put it in a post. I’ve tried tons of sprayers, from $20.00 to $200.00 and have gone back to one of the least expensive sprayers I’ve found. It works every single time with perfect results. Once you add a quality compressor it isn’t all that cheap but hopefully you already have one and if you don’t it is worth the investment.

Compressor: The larger the tank the better, so if you can spend a little extra money here you will be glad you did.  Tell your sales associate what you need it for and they can help you figure out what will work best for you and your budget.  I will be upgrading mine as soon as Harbor Freight sends me a coupon or it goes on sale.  The larger the tank the more air it holds without paint sprayer compressor used for chalk painthaving to run and I have to say the noise makes it hard for me to jam to Pandora while painting! 🙂

I use this HVLP Spray Gun,paint sprayer for shabby paints and no not because it is purple but because review after review said get this gun, purple is a bonus! $29.99 but look for the $10.00 off coupons online.  http://www.harborfreight.com/20-oz-hvlp-gravity-feed-air-spray-gun-with-regulator-62381.html

HVLP: High Volume Low Pressure  What this means for you, less paint waste!


Must have accessory: Spray Gun Stand http://www.harborfreight.com/gravity-feed-spray-gun-stand-34958.htmlpaint sprayer for shabby paints





Warning: I’m no expert on how to use a sprayer, that might be why I like this one so much it just works right, even for someone that just watched a few youtube videos and started spraying. I highly recommend watching videos and practicing on some cardboard before painting furniture! The video above was one I googled and was easy to follow on how to adjust your HVLP gun, but there are so many helpful ones on youtube so don’t just watch one.

Videos to search for: HVLP Spray Gun Setup & How to Clean your HVLP Spray Gun.

Water/Paint Mixture Guide: For Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic I usually do a 20/80 Water/Paint mixture.  For VAX or Varnish try a 15/85 Water/VAX or Varnish mixture.  Shimmer Paints and Glazes use a 40/60 Water/Shimmer mixture.  These are suggested and you might like spraying thinner or thicker. I spray a little thinner on my first coat and just a little less water on my second coat. Works for me.  For fabric I use a 50/50 Chalk-Acrylic/Water mixture. I really want those fibers to get saturated. 

spray gun filters

Always use the little filter in your gun.

Should I wear a mask? YES, even though our paint is non toxic and VOC free, when you are spraying paint it becomes airborne in small particles and you should always try to avoid inhaling anything other than air. Your lungs don’t need to be painted peacock 🙂

Coupons..yes this cheap girl is all about her coupons. Harbor Freight emails coupons so get on the mailing list, ask their very helpful staff for advice on what compressor you should get and paint on my friends!!

Shabby Paints Water/Product mixture guide

Chalk-Acrylic 20/80 Water/Paint

VAX 15/85 Water/VAX

Shabby Varnish 15/85 Water/Varnish

Shimmer Paints and Glazes 40/60 Water/Shimmer

These are suggested and you might like spraying thinner or thicker. I spray a little thinner on my first coat and do a little less water on my second coat. Works for me.

Fabric 50/50 Chalk-Acrylic/Water

I will update this, when I get to spray more.