Yes You!

This paint line was designed with the beginner in mind and perfected with technology for the Pro. How is that, you ask..well it’s easy. Start with a forgiving paint, and a paint that is built to last a lifetime..and beyond.  Got the painting and distressing down, then get ready to take your piece to a new level of style. Then finish with products that provide protection for your personal family heirlooms and or your clients treasures.  If you invest your time and money into something you want it to last and I’m sure your customers do as well, so easily apply VAX to protect your treasures for a lifetime.  Ready for something even better, try your hand at ReVAXing with Black, pearl, glitter or hazelnut.   Build your confidence and move on to more intricate work with our shimmers. You will be a pro in a few can’t ruin your furniture and if you don’t like the color next year just paint over it.  So let go of those fears and just paint and paint safe!

Inspirational ideas: Paint outdoor furniture, metal, glass, dishes, linoleum, ceramic, steel, fabric, walls, finished and unfinished wood,  laminate, tile…….just paint it!

Alamo White Chalk Aged with Old Gold volunteer duct tape chevron hazelnut stool

Outdoor Chalk Paint

Outdoor Chalk PaintLime Time Outdoor Test Left side VAXed